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Build your personal news website with content and articles that interest you! With over 250k pieces of content received and analysed per day, you can build your perfect Business News Website, Celebrity News Website or Political News Website + 100's of other variations, the choices are yours.

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Create multiple News Sites! Never miss the news you are interested in, create a news site for every topic you are interested in, Business, Sport, Football, Technology the list is endless! Once created don't forget to share your site links with your friends, family and social networks.
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Your News Site is built around the content that interests you and this content is based on 'Keyword Topics' that you have added to your vlight account. Simply add the 'Keywords Topics' when you join vlight and you News Site will analyse over 250k pieces of news content from around the world and build your News Site with relevant content that matches your Keyword Topics.
Featured News
Not only can you build your own personal news site but vlight but you can view all the best content from the worlds largest news organisations, simply click on the logo of one of the major News organisations and all the latest News content will be available to you.
Social sharing
Sharing New Content across your social media accounts and pages is a great way for your friends and colleagues to see what stories interest you and increase your social media presence. With vlight you can share the content manually or automate the delivery for a constant supply of content to be delivered.

You can share across Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin with other social networks being integrated all the time.
News content
vlight receives over 250k pieces of News Content everyday from over 12k new organisations, Magazines and blogs making vlight the worlds most comprehensive source of News content. With new sources being added all the time you can be sure that you will have the widest range of content available.
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Your personal News Site is not just for you, every News Site you build within vlight becomes its own stand-alone News Site that you can share with friends, family and your social networks. Simple share the link across all your social networks and your friends and family can get the best of the News from around the world courtesy of you.

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Vlight brings you the best collection of digital content from all over the world. Vlight collects over 250k pieces of content everyday from over 12k sources, including the worlds leading news organisations, magazines and blogs from Current Affairs, Sport, Business and Finance to Celebrity and Celebrity gossip.

When you sign up and become a member of Vlight you can build and share you own personal news content website with all your friends and family.

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