What is Vlight?

Vlight is your source of daily news from around the world. We have over 12k+ live sources supplying us with World News, Business News, Celebrity News and Gossip, Sport and everything in between.

Using our unique algorithms we deliver your news based on your interests. When signing up you will have been presented with a page asking for 'Keywords', these Keywords are the basis of your news content that will be delivered to your News site daily.

You can change, remove and edit these 'Keywords' at any time in your 'Settings' > ‘News Site settings > 'Keywords Tab' add and remove and then hit save. The next time your News site refreshes your new tailored content will be waiting for you.

How many pieces of content does Vlight analyse

Vlight receives around 60-100k pieces of content from all over the world, per day, predominately English speaking websites.  Our technology doesn't scrape websites we receive the content directly from our sources, so you can be sure that you will never see or receive updates in your newspaper from suspect website of a naughty or illegal nature. 

The source of the article you are reading you will be visible beneath the article itself, when you click on the article you are taken to the sources website to read the full article.

To see some of our main sources you can view these within the Vlight side bar which enables you to view all the content for that source outside of your newspaper


How do I use Vlight?

Vlight is designed to provide you with the most relevant digital news content on a daily basis. News content that you are really interested in from all over the world so you can build you personal news website and read articles that really interest you and get Worldwide perspectives on your interested subjects.

This means you can get insight from the US, South Africa, Australia the UK and many other countries about what interests you. Vlight then shares the best and most read stories with your Social Following on Facebook & Twitter to increase your social engagement and show your followers what you are interested in.


How does Vlight Work?

Vlight is incredibly simple to use but incredibly powerful at the same time. We receive a huge volume of content on a daily basis from news organisations all over the world and our system using various internally built algorithms analyse each and every piece of content to find content that matches your specific keywords you used when you signed up.

These Keywords are the foundation of your personal digital content news site, they are what we build your news site on daily. These Keywords should be words that match your interested, Ie. Football, Cricket, America, Technology, Science etc.

Remember you can always change, edit or amend these Keywords in your account settings area to increase or decrease the amount of specific content your News Site receives on a daily basis.

Your news site will update 4 times per day automatically, so if you are a commuter you can read unique content in the morning on the way to work and in the evening on the way home. If 4 times a day isn’t enough there is a manual refresh button at the top of page that you can press at any time.

Vlight also delivers specific pieces of content to your social followers on a daily basis over Facebook & Twitter, this will increase social engagement but also provide your followers with an insight into what news stories you are most interested in.

Again, you can control all these elements in your settings area of your account.


How much does Vlight cost?

Vlight costs $9.90 per month, pretty cheap when you consider how much news content you personally receive everyday.


How do I get charged from my subscription?

Vlight charge you once per month, the date you originally joined Vlight. So if you joined Vlight on the 15th of March you will be charged the monthly subscription on the 15th of every subsequent month.

However, if you decided to pay for the full year in advance and receive 2 months free you will only see one bill on your bank statements for that year. Every year after that you will be billed on the same day of the same month for the same value.

To view your payment and account history, click Settings > Billings > History


What do I get for my monthly subscription?

Vlight doesn’t send out any messages to your social networks without you activating the social sharing and selecting the frequency of content to be delivered.

To set the Social Sharing > Settings > News site settings > Social sharing and then expand the social network.


What will Vlight do with my data?

Quite simply nothing! We take your data and privacy incredibly seriously and use the most robust storage and facilities to make sure the data we store is secure.

We only ever use your data for Vlight communications and messages, your data is never used for 3rd Party communications and never will be. We may use your data to profile you as a member of Vlight in order to provide you with more targeted marketing messages within Vlight at some point in the future.